Saturday, December 11, 2010

PARTIAL new Ryan Adams song from 826LA show called, Dirty Rain.

seems like people won't stop bugging me for new Ryan Adams songs.

What I have here is HALF (I walked in as soon as I heard him rehearsing)
of a new song, entitled "Dirty Rain".
Keep in mind it's HALF of a new song.  So for those of you who keep pestering me for his new music I'll give you what i got and this is it.
And, one more drawback, I just propped the damn thing on a chair and all you see is the curtain so visually no RYAN and no BAND.

Okay then...
You've been warned.

By the way if Ryan has a problem with me posting this I will take it down
but I think even though it sounds great, it is only a partial song.
But I hope he'll understand
that his fans have been persistent and consistent (which is awesome for him and sucky for me) so much so that I'm relenting to expose this video.

Happy f'ing Holidays.



  1. This is such a treat to my Ryan starved ears. Thank you. I love the song too.

  2. LOVE it!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this gorgeous tune.

  4. I have been having the worst day. You have officially saved it. These songs are so BEAUTIFUL, exploding stars, moonlight rainy rain. PERFECTION.

  5. This is why I fell in love with this primadona in girl jeans 10 years ago.

  6. Shit, this more like it. This is the DRA that I need.


  7. yesssss.....please let the next album sound more like this...I miss the old DRA

  8. What a treat. I've been longing for more DRA.


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