Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Are You Waiting For? - (Added Animation)

+Animation by Jay Morton.

For many years I had waited tables in a variety of restaurants, mostly small family run places with the one exception of a corporate italian restaurant called Pasta Pomodoro.


the hatred that grew in me when i was a waiter was rarely offset by the occasional AWESOME customer(s). Usually most people who come into the restaurants I worked in got served are just ordinary folks looking for a good meal, some basic suggestions on food and/or wine, a few witty words and the occasional smile...and that's fine...i can play that game no problem.

But to offset any niceness we got a strong handful of pathetic, ignorant, bile-creating, egotistical, fuckheads who either haven't a clue or don't f'ing care about basic logic+manners.

That is what it REALLY comes down to in the social food setting that a restaurant provides: logic+manners. (which that evil handful of people don't seem to have)

I'm not gonna get into details on this cuz the details will be heard on our upcoming one-hour long documentary that we (Olu Johnson and I) are producing next year, called, "What Are You Waiting For?".


Monday, December 13, 2010

One more new Ryan Adams. (Happy Holidays).

After talking with someone...
I do have one more but it's sort of like the other one...partially recorded. My excuse is I left and came back and he was singing and i grabbed this with my phone.

Sounds great...really love this song and look forward to see what Ryan will do with it in the studio. I think it's called "Ashes and Fire".


Saturday, December 11, 2010

PARTIAL new Ryan Adams song from 826LA show called, Dirty Rain.

seems like people won't stop bugging me for new Ryan Adams songs.

What I have here is HALF (I walked in as soon as I heard him rehearsing)
of a new song, entitled "Dirty Rain".
Keep in mind it's HALF of a new song.  So for those of you who keep pestering me for his new music I'll give you what i got and this is it.
And, one more drawback, I just propped the damn thing on a chair and all you see is the curtain so visually no RYAN and no BAND.

Okay then...
You've been warned.

By the way if Ryan has a problem with me posting this I will take it down
but I think even though it sounds great, it is only a partial song.
But I hope he'll understand
that his fans have been persistent and consistent (which is awesome for him and sucky for me) so much so that I'm relenting to expose this video.

Happy f'ing Holidays.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Candy Bombers

A must read...especially for those attracted to American history. This book showcases our near loss of Germany via Berlin due to Soviet bullying and the underhanded tactics of Stalin's army.

It shows Americans at their best; the tiny effort of one man to lighten war's burden that was shouldered by German children and women (by dropping candy from an his airplane onto NO-ACCESS land) - then the politicians catapulted his gift into a media fireball lit by tightly-wound generals and "Red Tide" paranoia within the State Department and White House.

It's a BIG book but for people who can read, it ain't so bad...