Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Are You Waiting For? - (Added Animation)

+Animation by Jay Morton.

For many years I had waited tables in a variety of restaurants, mostly small family run places with the one exception of a corporate italian restaurant called Pasta Pomodoro.


the hatred that grew in me when i was a waiter was rarely offset by the occasional AWESOME customer(s). Usually most people who come into the restaurants I worked in got served are just ordinary folks looking for a good meal, some basic suggestions on food and/or wine, a few witty words and the occasional smile...and that's fine...i can play that game no problem.

But to offset any niceness we got a strong handful of pathetic, ignorant, bile-creating, egotistical, fuckheads who either haven't a clue or don't f'ing care about basic logic+manners.

That is what it REALLY comes down to in the social food setting that a restaurant provides: logic+manners. (which that evil handful of people don't seem to have)

I'm not gonna get into details on this cuz the details will be heard on our upcoming one-hour long documentary that we (Olu Johnson and I) are producing next year, called, "What Are You Waiting For?".