Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1234NYC and Kickstarter


I have some good news because the online art union, Kickstarter, has accepted my application for project funding!!!

Now I am allowed to raise money for my 10 year photography-film project 1234NYC. Please check out the link (and slideshow) when you can.

I am hoping beyond hope to finish this body of work I so love; 1234NYC. Times have been brutal with my occupation and I have had to do whatever is necessary to make it day to day. I actually need more money than I am asking for but for now the goal is to cover the basics.

The video above are the photographs from the series. It begins with the work I was able to cover last time i was in NYC and the work I began in 2007.

I wish to complete the 2nd Phase of this project by it's Autumn deadline. I have approximately 30 persons to photograph and will need a little more than two weeks in New York to schedule everyone and complete this work. Without financial assistance I cannot complete this project.

I need the money for a lot of things: equipment rental, photo assistant fees, test prints, transportation to and from location to location, data storage (massive files require lots of hard drives and back ups), and of course finding a place to reside while I am in New York.

I have estimated that the costs of finishing this project will be around $3,000. Again I am asking for less but I would LOVE IT if we could raise more to cover ALL my costs and not just the basics. In the past I brokered everything but today I need assistance.

Here is the link: