Sunday, November 21, 2010

David Bowie 1983 Dallas Rehearsals.

Another collection of songs I'd like to share with y'all is set in 1983 when Bowie was getting ready for his "Let's Dance" tour
or whatever it was fucking called.

Bowie had heard and convinced Stevie Ray Vaughan, then generally an unknown guitarist, to play on his album and tour with him but Vaughan
opted out of the tour (SRV decided to focus on his band Double Trouble and record an album). He did however play on the rehearsals which are these ones here.

They are soundboard recordings but they are at 128k, so not the best (and not the worst) audio resolution.

Anyway, for any and all Bowie fans they are interesting to hear Bowie at probably his high point (popularity wise...not creatively in my opinion) of his career.

The set LIST: (by the way, this is not the full set with it.)
1. Star
2. Heroes
3. What in the World
4. Look Back in Anger
5. Joe the Lion
6. Wild is the Wind
7. Golden Years
8. Fashion
9. Let's Dance
10. Red Sails
11. Sorrow
12. Cat People
13. China Girl
14. Rebel Rebel
15. I Can't Explain
16. White Light/White Heat

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